Managed Futures News

What is APS Pricing in Managed Futures?

Apr 26, 2017
APS stands for average price system or average pricing system. The average price system averages the price across all fill prices within a specific contract, and then assigns one average price to each contract. The contracts are then distributed to each client based on their investment account size.
SMAs vs. Funds

Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) vs. Fund Investments

Aug 12, 2016
A discussion between a separately managed account (SMA) and a fund structure. Many investors may still not completely understand the differences between the two. Given much of the confusion and misunderstanding, we felt that it would be helpful to put together a small piece that outlines the advantages and disadvantages of each.

8 Risk (Adjusted) Statistics Summarized

May 24, 2016
Whether you are investing in managed futures or any other type of investment, this article covers important risk statistics that investors should closely consider to make an investment. This article covers the 8 most commonly looked at risk statistics in the investment universe.
Managed Futures Performance - Republican vs Democrat

Democrats vs Republicans: Who's Better for Managed Futures?

Nov 23, 2015
An analysis of managed futures performance, and how the republican or democratic party affect performance.
Monthly Return Distribution - CTA Y

What is Skewness?

Oct 13, 2015
Many managed futures CTA databases report skewness as a number, however few know what it actually represents. This blog post covers what skewness is and how it can help in your investment analysis.
Frequency Distribution 1

Analyzing a CTA's Daily Returns: Part 1

Sep 18, 2015
Since investing through managed accounts allows investors to have daily transparency and performance reporting, it's important for an investor to analyze daily returns in order to get a better idea of what to expect when investing with a CTA.

Calculating High Water Mark in Managed Futures Investments

Apr 20, 2015
Calculating High Water Mark value in your Managed Futures investments.

Managed Futures Portfolio Timing: Science or Luck?

Apr 16, 2015
Timing your managed futures, is it a science or pure luck?
Russian Sovereign Wealth Fund 2015

Analyzing Hedge Fund and CTA Fee Structures

Nov 17, 2014
Analyzing fee structures on your managed futures investments and other hedge funds. Which fee structure is the most in my favor.

Generating Alpha: What does that even mean?

Nov 11, 2014
Learn what is means to generate alpha in a portfolio. Also discover how modern portfolio theory can help understand the benefits of having a diversified basket of investments.

Are Larger Managed Futures CTAs Better Performers?

Sep 26, 2014
A look into the larger CTA's performance and how it compares to smaller emerging CTA managers.

Valentine's Day Special: Qualities we LOVE in a CTA

Feb 14, 2014
What to look for when investing in a Commodity Trading Advisor.

Defense Wins Championships, Even in Managed Futures

Oct 18, 2013
How to make adjustments to your managed futures portfolio during a poor year like 2013.

The Drawdown Report

Apr 30, 2012
The Drawdown Report. Understand what the term "drawdown" means and how it is defined with managed futures.


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