Our Firm

Lakefront Futures, the parent company of aiSource, is an independent introducing broker that was started in 1997 with a focus on hedging and self-directed speculative clients. In 2002, a large family office started to utilize Lakefront Futures to handle all their managed futures accounts. Lakefront grew its team, to source and research new CTAs for the family office from 2002 to 2009, Lakefront helped the family office allocate over $400m across more than one hundred different CTAs.

The aiSource Team

We’ve cultivated a core team whose deep-rooted alternative investment expertise spans years of commodities, trading, analysis, research, and risk management experience.

Our Clients

A broad spectrum of global investors rely on our knowledge and expertise to help them construct, manage, and oversee multi-CTA, managed futures portfolios. Investors rely on our analysts, back-office infrastructure, and custodian relationships, to facilitate the creation and on-going modifications of their managed futures portfolio.