This is our story.

Lakefront Futures, the parent company of aiSource, is an independent introducing broker that was started in 1997 with a focus on hedging and self-directed spec clients. In 2002, a large family office started to utilize Lakefront Futures to handle all of their managed futures accounts. Lakefront grew its team, in order to source and research new CTAs for the family office from 2002 to 2009. Lakefront helped the family office allocate over $400m across more than a hundred separately managed accounts.

Through the experience of assisting the family office in researching and allocating to CTAs, Lakefront gained necessary expertise to offer its services to other investors. aiSource was launched in 2009 as a dedicated managed futures service assisting outside investors.

Today, aiSource helps new investors construct a diversified investment portfolio of CTAs. For clients already invested in managed futures, aiSource helps them find CTAs that fit their risk appetite and current portfolio. Over the last fifteen years, aiSource/Lakefront has helped investors allocate over $650 million dollars to various CTA programs. aiSource’s global client base consists of high-net worth individuals, family offices, fund of funds and registered investment advisors.

Follow us through our history.


Nick Leblebijian begins his career in the futures industry on the floor of the CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade)


Nick Leblebijian becomes member of the CME


Nick Leblebijian leaves the trading floor to work at a small brokerage firm.  That is where he meets his future business partner, Jonathan Marcus


Nick Leblebijian and Jon Marcus start their own brokerage firm, Lakefront Futures & Options, LLC, a guaranteed introducing broker that cleared through Iowa Grain Company


A large family office starts to utilize Lakefront Futures to manage all their managed futures accounts


After interning with Lakefront Futures since 2002 on a part time basis, Paul Kokuzian joins the firm full time to assist with the family office client


After helping the family office allocate over $400M, Rishab Sharma, joins Nick, Jon, and Paul and together they launch aiSource


The founders of aiSource launch aiSouce Funds, a commodity pool operator, with its flagship strategy – The Coloma Relative Value Macro Fund, LP

Present Day

aiSource/Lakefront Futures has assisted a global base of investors allocate over $650M to more than one hundred different CTA strategies