Strategic Ag Trading

Who We Are

Strategic Ag Trading began doing business as a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) in February, 1999. Karen Sullivan and Bob Wiedeman are equal shareholders with over 66 years of combined experience in the commodities industry.  Mike Wanninger, the trader responsible for the Premium Program, has over 20 years’ experience in the commodities industry as well as hands on experience as an agricultural producer in Illinois. 

What We Do

The Premium program provides clients with the opportunity to participate in agricultural grain futures and options.  The program employs a discretionary trading methodology with some technical analysis. Trading bias is centered upon the idea that markets move in a general direction based upon fundamental principles, underlying principles of supply and demand and at the same time understanding that the markets are unpredictable at any given moment.  Analysis of the relationships between commodities is also used to develop trade selection.   Technical analysis is used to help more precisely time entry and exit strategies.  Rarely does Mr. Wanninger initiate outright futures positions in this trading program.

Our Edge

Mr. Wanninger takes a conservative approach to trading utilizing options and spreads.   This type of trading philosophy, by nature, tends to result in less volatility within the trading platform.  Spread trades versus outright futures positions are utilized to capture futures directional trade bias thus reducing exposure to excessive drawdowns.   Minimizing drawdown is of top priority within this trading program.  Consideration for steady growth, however, is at the heart of each trade initiated within the program.  Overall, the goal within the Premium Program is to obtain realistic rates of return on equity while managing drawdown.

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