Ritenour Investment Group


Who We Are

Ritenour investment group trades the mini S&P futures contract. RIG utilizes a portfolio of systems that are unique. Models used include Pattern Recognition, Momentum, and Mean Reversion. Each system has its own independent entry and exit rules. Stops and risk management are in the market upon order entry. 


What We Do

Anthony Ritenour is the creator of RIG_ES and the Principal of Ritenour Investment Group, LLC. Mr. Ritenour has a diverse background in both trading as well as real world corporate management. The development behind the RIG_ES program is a culmination live trading and strategy development developed over the past 7 years. 


Our Edge

Stops and risk management are in the market upon order entry. All trades are entered and exited the same day requiring no overnight exposure or margin. The systems are technical and automated in nature with oversight.


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