Protec Energy Partners


Who We Are

Protec Energy Partners LLC is a Commodity Trading Advisor and Investment Management Firm which seeks capital appreciation of client accounts through energy commodity futures and options. The firms flagship, ETI investment program utilizes both fundemental and technical investment strategies in an options intensive portfolio that includes Crude Oil, Heating Oil and Gasoline.

What We Do

Protec’s understanding of the energy markets has been developed through many years of experience in both the physical and financial energy markets. Our abiltiy to manage the physical markets allows it principals to recoginze markets oppurtunites that others dont see. The ET1 program targets superior risk adjusted returns, low draw downs and low downside deviation through a strong emphasis on fundemental knowledge,  portfolio compostition, option valuation and risk management.

Our Edge

The Protec Energy Partners management team has extensive experience in developing, managing and operating energy commodity-based businesses. Principals Todd Garner and Andrew Greenberg are the founders and managing members of Protec Fuel Management LLC. Founded in 1999 Protec Fuel Management is a fuel distribution and risk management company specializing in the supply and distribution of diesel fuel, gasoline, heating oil and ethanol. The real time supply, demand and logistical data  extracted from Protec’s physical business gives them a edge and ensight into the daily changes that effect energy commodites.

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