Transparency and convenience are everything when it comes to your managed futures investments. With aiTracker, you can manage your portfolio from anywhere, at any time.

See One-View Rollup of Many Programs

View your total managed futures portfolio performance across all programs-in both dollars and percent change-for the day, month, year-to-date and life of investment.

Insight at a Glance

Attractive dashboard, charts, graphs and tables provide portfolio statistics in easy-to-understand formats—and details with mouse-over data points.

Review Updates Daily—not Monthly

Get top-of-day performance updates based on yesterday’s trading activity. Drill down into individual program details.

Track Performance History

Use the portfolio history view to truly see your performance over time, not just yesterday or last month.

Go Beyond Statement Data

Access statistics and measurements not provided in your online or printed account statements, including portfolio mix percentages and VAMI.

Access Performance Data from Anywhere

Use your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or Windows smartphone to access your portfolio on the go.