The investment team at aiSource takes a detail oriented approach to all of its managed futures portfolios.

Identify CTAs

Through our research, we identify CTAs to add to our pool of approved managers. Based on an investor’s risk-to-reward appetite, we select a preliminary group of managers from our pool that we consider to be a good fit for the investor.

Portfolio Construction

Using the preliminary list of managers from the identification process, we run analyses on many different combinations of those managers in an attempt to determine, which combination provides the best opportunity to create alpha, while proving to be a viable long-term investment solution.


After a portfolio is constructed and an investment is made, we closely monitor each client’s portfolio to ensure that each CTA’s trades are consistent with their outlined trading strategy and risk profile. Assessments of each client portfolio are done daily, while also providing the client with the same capability.


aiSource continually searches the universe of alternative investment strategies and managers to identify new opportunities for our clients. Each portfolio we offer to our client is continuously vetted to insure that all the CTAs included in the portfolio remain a viable investment option for our clients. Abnormal returns, changing markets, and unforeseen events may call for the removal and substitution of a particular CTA.