aiSource currently handles execution services for many Commodity Trading Advisors, allowing the manager to focus on trading without worrying about the day-to-day back office operations. Some of our execution services include:

Multiple Clearing Relationships:








Block Account Setup:


We are experienced with the process involved in setting up a block/allocation account. We complete the templates and documents required by the FCM and get the required trading limits approved by the appropriate risk and compliance departments. All the CTA has to do is provide us with a list of account numbers and the allocation, and we handle the rest.


Member of EGUS:


aiSource has a paid membership to the FIA EGUS give-up agreement system.  Therefore, we initiate, execute, and store all give-up agreements for all the CTAs that execute through us.  Being a member of the FIA system also allows us full control to quickly initiate new agreements, and add new accounts when a CTA gets a new client.  We can generally add new clients within one day, allowing a CTA to start trading the following day once they get a new client.


Low Give-up Rates:


It is a common misconception that going direct to the FCM will result in the lowest give-up rate.  Since aiSource already does a large volume of business with the FCMs we work with, we may already receive a lower rate than a CTA may be able to get on their own.  We pass these savings on to our executing CTAs.


Access to all trading platforms:


We offer the CTA the ability to trade with any platform that they are familiar with.  For CTAs that are agnostic, we can offer them a variety of platforms to choose from – some that are even free.