Connect With New Investors Across the Globe


One of the major benefits of working with aiSource is gaining access to its capital introduction team. Our capital introduction team provides Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) access to capital from institutions, family offices, fund of funds, and high net-worth individuals.

The aiSource team currently allocates to over forty different CTA strategies across its client portfolios. Over the last fifteen years, aiSource and its parent company Lakefront Futures has helped investors allocate over $650 million dollars to various CTA programs.

Strategic Capital Introduction


In certain situations, aiSource may choose to work more closely with a CTA in order to assist with their asset raising goals and help them reach their maximum potential. Our team will develop a comprehensive understanding of your trading strategy and business goals and provide best practices to achieve those goals.

Whether you are looking to launch a new CTA or continue to expand your current strategy offerings, we have the knowledge to help managers position themselves to appeal to all investor types. The overall goal would be to assist with the following:


  • Help managers articulate their trading strategy so that it is easy to understand for all investor types


  • Improve how managers are differentiating themselves and their trading strategy to appeal to varying investor mandates


  • Assist in developing a minimum investment size based on the markets traded, margin to equity usage and expected volatility


  • Market the strategy to existing aiSource clients and make connections with other allocators and competitors of aiSource


In addition to the above, aiSource can also handle all services related to trade execution.