Futures Industry Association (FIA)

The Futures Industry Association (FIA) is a trade organization whose membership includes Futures Commissions Merchants (FCMs) and other firms and professionals from the United States, Europe and Asia who are associated with global futures, options and cleared swaps markets. Based in Washington, D.C., the FIA was formed in 1955 to provide information about and advocate for issues relating to the futures industry.

The mission of the FIA is to ensure market transparency, foster competitive trading and promote financial integrity in futures markets. The FIA supports fair trade and effective industry regulation through its legislative lobbying efforts. The organization provides education to policymakers, professionals and the public on such key issues as automated trading, international practices, customer fund protection and reporting requirements by publishing position papers and offering official statements and testimony.

Affiliate divisions of the FIA include FIA Americas, FIA Europe and FIA Asia. FIA Global, an umbrella structure comprised of these regional affiliates, coordinates advocacy and education efforts across international markets. Firms engaged in trading their own capital on futures, options and equities markets in the Americas and Europe are represented by the FIA Principal Traders Group and the FIA European Principal Traders Association, respectively. FIA Tech, another subsidiary, promotes market efficiency through software solutions. The FIA is also affiliated with the Institute for Financial Markets (IFM), a non-profit foundation that offers unbiased industry information and training.

The FIA offers two levels of membership. FCMs who are registered in the United States may join the organization as regular members, while other groups and professionals, including international exchanges and clearinghouses, commodity trading advisors, introducing brokers, law firms and technology vendors, are considered associate members. The organization estimates that its members, who represent more than 25 countries, conduct over 85 percent of customer trading on U.S. futures exchanges. FIA members receive access to special industry reports and statistics, educational conferences and best practice information.