2Blue Capital


Who We Are

Principal trader and owner Gregory Lindberg started his career as a software engineer and technology entrepreneur in 1999 and left the company which he cofounded and sold in 2010 in order to focus his software engineering skills on his passion for trading the futures markets using algorithmic trading strategies. He became a registered CTA in 2015 and began trading prop accounts in 2016 and outside capital in May, 2017.

What We Do

TACTICAL ES is a systematic short to medium term mean reversion program for the S&P 500 futures utilizing proprietary technical and statistical volatility algorithms to generate positive risk adjusted returns in all market conditions. The strategy takes both long and short positions and is in the market approximately 50% of the time with an average holding period of 1 to 30 days depending on market conditions.

Our Edge

The underlying tested assumption is that the S&P 500 is a primarily mean reverting market. The strategy takes advantage of emotionally driven sharp price swings which breach well defined price levels relative to the long term trend. The system only takes trades in the direction of an existing trend as determined by robust proprietary indicators.

Recent Performance

The Tactical ES program has performed well over the last 2 years despite major re-pricing shock events caused by Brexit, the U.S. election and the Fed decisions. Volatility within a consistent trend in any direction is the ideal scenario and we have had exactly that since the beginning of reporting period for the program. Despite being in the market roughly 50% of the time the program has matched or outperformed the major indexes while reducing market exposure risk (past performance is not indicative of future results).