Our Clients

A broad spectrum of global investors rely on aiSource’s knowledge and expertise to help them construct, manage, and oversee multi-CTA, managed futures portfolios. Investors rely on our analysts, back-office infrastructure, and custodian relationships, to facilitate the creation and on-going modifications of their managed futures portfolio. Some of our clients include:

Individual Investors

aiSource uses managed futures to provide individual investors with alternative asset exposure to their overall investment portfolio. Individual investors, either new or experienced in managed futures, have the necessary guidance needed to take full advantage of what managed futures have to offer.

Family Offices

Many family offices across the globe use aiSource to provide extensive data, research and due diligence reports on various CTA managers. Some family offices even outsource their entire managed futures allocation to aiSource, as it is more a cost-effective solution versus having their own managed futures research team, since the assets allocated to managed futures are a very small percentage of their overall allocation.

Financial Advisors / RIAs

While financial advisors are experts in managing most traditional assets in their clients’ portfolios, they are many times not experts on how to allocate a portion of those assets to managed futures. This is where aiSource steps in and handles the entire process – from providing educational brochures and customized portfolios, handling the account opening process, and being the behind-the-scenes partner that continues to maintain this portion of the overall investment. The advisor continues all the client-facing duties with their investors, eliminating contact with any outside firm.

Institutional Investors

Pension funds, hedge funds, and fund of funds have all started to invest in managed futures over the last decade. As they start allocating more and more of their overall portfolio towards managed futures, they require assistance from firms like aiSource, who have done nothing but managed futures for their existence. Institutional investors count on our personal experience to help them make their final decisions on which CTAs to invest with, and which CTAs to discard from the selection process.


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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Trading commodity futures, options, and foreign exchange ("forex") involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. In no way is the advisor of the month a direct recommendation of aiSource or any of its affiliates. Please carefully review the disclosure documents and any other promotional material prior to investing with any program. Managed accounts and/or managed futures are very risky and may not be suitable for all investors. Please consult with a Managed Futures specialists prior to investing.